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Child Somatic Psychotherapy

Child Somatic Therapy 

Empathic And Empowering Child Therapy

My intention in working with your child is to provide the best possible support to help create balance in their lives. I enjoy helping children find their own resilience and strength to heal from issues such as: bullying, trauma, behavioral issues, anxiety, grief/ loss, sensory challenges, and diversity. I have experience working with LGBTQ children and children with varying gender expressions.

Many families have difficulty identifying when their child is struggling and don’t know how to help them. I often work with parents and children to create more somatic awareness around triggers and behavioral patterns. Children can struggle with identifying and expressing emotions, yet often we see children express emotions through acting out or through play.

I utilize somatic therapy, play therapy, and EMDR to help children learn effective tools to identify and express emotions. I also utilize mind-body interventions to help children learn ways to decrease anxiety and reduce stress. I strongly believe working within the family system is as important as working individually, to help your child create balance and ease in their lives.

Together, we will determine the best supports and services for each individual child, with the ultimate goal to improve their lives, provide tools and interventions to help create balance, and to create resilience and strength.

Areas of focus with child therapy:

  • Anxiety/ excessive worry
  • Recovery from a traumatic event
  • Behavioral issues
  • Children who struggle with boundaries

A Whole Body Approach To Child Therapy

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