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Individual Somatic Psychotherapy

Individual Somatic Psychotherapy

Compassionate, Holistic Therapy

Do you isolate yourself from others and no longer have the desire to connect? Are you feeling anxious or depressed and find yourself getting into the same arguments with your loved ones?  Are you exhausted from always being the caregiver in your relationships? Do you realize you need help setting boundaries in relationships?  There are many reasons people seek therapy.

It can be difficult to feel the desire to connect and make steps toward healing when you have anxiety or have experienced trauma. The truth is, we are wired for connection and thrive on positive social bonding. When we feel safe, positive face-to-face interactions can regulate the nervous system and calm emotions. When we don’t feel safe, we tend to isolate ourselves, avoid phone calls, use substances to avoid,  engage in risky behaviors, etc. the list is extensive.

A positive therapeutic environment can help empower you to engage in a healthier relationship with yourself and others so that you feel more available for connection. We will work together to help you face personal challenges and achieve personal goals. I am here to support you in living your life to the fullest.

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A Non-Judgmental Place To Heal And Grow

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, please contact me:

  • You feel anxious or have excessive worry about minor issues.
  • You feel isolated from others and want to reconnect.
  • You struggle with a family member who has mental illness. (i.e. personality disorder, mood disorder, etc.)
  • You always feel like you are the caregiver in your relationships.
  • You desire to be seen, heard, and appreciated.
  • You have past relationship wounds and unhealthy habits.
  • You feel a desire to heal and move past these wounds.
  • You want deeper connection with yourself and others.

My somatic psychotherapy practice is located in Denver, Colorado. 

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